Micro band saw MBS 240/E option, blade guide with WATER PORT


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The standard triple-bearing blade guide is for dry cutting only. Proxxon World manufactures 44050 - a version of the blade guide with a water port and nipple to connect flexible tubing from our Proxxon World 1-litre water dispenser 44051. Remove the bandsaw blade, loosen the grub screw in the end of the square bar which supports the finger guard and the blade guide. Remove the standard dry blade guide and replace it with the 44050.

Then screw the included nipple into the rear of the brass post of 44050 and connect the flexible tubing from the water dispenser 44051.

44050 and 44051 MUST BE USED when the diamond grit blade 28186 is fitted.

Included components:

  • Triple-bearing blade guide with flow hole and female thread.
  • Nipple with male thread.

Technical specifications

  • Guide provides left-right blade support and an adjustment for rear blade support, which handles all depths of Proxxon bandsaw blades of depths between 3mm and 6mm.
  • Flow hole permits rear water inlet to flood the cutting zone of the blade, essential with diamond grit blade 28186.
  • Threaded hole allows connection of the included nipple, which accepts flexible tubing.

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