Full-face 50mm sanding backing disc (suit LHW, LWS and WP/E)


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Unlike Proxxon's 28548 Velcro backing disc, this Relativity™ 44701 backing disc has full-face Velcro coverage, permitting the entire disc area to be used. Suitable for use with LHW, LWS and WP/E, the extra-thick and extra-soft polyurethane backing disc stands proud of the standard guard. Thus it is not necessary to remove the LHW or LWS guard for full access to the entire sanding disc face.

No centre hole! Instead this Relativity™ 44701 backing disc has a precise aluminium centering boss and inbuilt M4 stud, perfectly matching the rotating heads of LHW, LWS and WP/E.

We chose the same polyurethane hardness as 3M's Hookit™ generic discs, but the Relativity™ 44701 discs have custom-designed aluminium cores which mate with the Proxxon tools, truly centered for smoothest rotation.

Included components:

  • One 50mm / 2inch red polyurethane bevelled disc with 10mm centering boss, M4 fixing stud, full-face hook Velcro.

Technical specifications

  • Aluminium core with 10mm centering boss
  • Nickel plated steel M4 stud
  • Red, soft polyurethane bevelled disc
  • Velcro full-face hook bonded surface
44701 mounted on LWH
44701 mounted on LWH
Velcro face is proud of the guard, for full-face sanding
Velcro face is proud of the guard, for full-face sanding
No intrusive centre fixing!
No intrusive centre fixing!

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