Metalworking rolling mill with five rolls


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Tough, small, jeweller's rolling mill from Relativity™ for annealed non-ferrous metals such as silver, gold, pewter etc.
Unlike cheap mills seen on shopping websites, the Relativity™ rolling mill is not fabricated from steel sheet, its frame is milled from a massive casting and it has the guarding to satisfy Worksafe, keeping your fingers safe from all the gears, front and rear.

Top and bottom roll bushings have greasing points each end, for long life and smooth operation. Front and rear gearing is shielded by solid cast aluminium guards. Gear ratio 3.5:1 makes most tasks low-effort. You can calibrate for slightly non-parallel rolling, which provides a left/right curved output. Each calibration step tilts the top roll by one sixtieth of one degree (one minute of arc).

This mill comes with five 76mm wide by 43mm diameter hardened and tempered rolls: the parallel bottom roll and four alternative top rolls. Factory-fitted is the parallel sheet top roll. Three included additional top rolls have:

* Nine vee-shape grooves and ten circular profile grooves
* Organic texture, fine straight knurl and fine diamond knurl
* Coarse diamond knurl, square knurl, coarse straight knurl

Included components:

  • Rolling mill with guards and handles
  • Five rolls

Technical specifications

  • Cast steel frame - not welded
  • Fully hobbed steel reduction and coupling gears
  • Hardened and tempered rolls for maximum stock thickness 2.6mm
  • Full cast aluminium gear guarding - front and rear
  • Acrylic front shield
  • Five rolls 76mm wide x 43mm diameter
  • Net weight 22kg

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