Gear cutter arbor, model MT2 (suit PD 230/E, PD 250/E)


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Rigid MT2 arbor to carry gear cutters in the headstock of PD 250/E and the older PD 230/E lathes. Its 16mm stub diameter and 4mm keyway are compatible with our involute gear cutter set 44102. The key is removable for unkeyed accessories.

Includes a spacer set 5.5mm - 6mm - 7mm - 11mm to accommodate most accessories up to 28mm wide. Cutter clamping is via a right-hand M8 countersunk socket screw and mating washer.

Two body flats assist spindle stalling when using the M10 x 1.5 drawbar thread.
This is a Relativity™ product, compatible with Proxxon PD230/E, PD 250/E and many other machines.

Included components:

  • 16mm MT2 arbor (German description MK2)
  • 4mm key, M8 clamp screw and csk washer
  • Spacers 5.5mm - 6mm - 7mm - 11mm

Technical specifications

  • Precision ground MT2 / MK2 taper and 16mm stub with 4mm keyway and key
  • 28mm stub mounting length
  • M8 cutter clamp screw
  • M10 drawbar thread

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