Gear cutter arbor, 6mm shank, suit FF500


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Parallel-shanked mill arbor to hold 16mm bore involute gear cutters.
Shank is 22mm long and fits the Proxxon FF500 mill's 6mm ER-20 collet or earlier Euro 6mm collet, or most 6mm collets.

Apart from involute gear cutters, many 16mm bore saws and cutters from 0.8mm to 8.0mm thickness can be held, thanks to the reversible zinc plated 30mm diameter steel closure nut.

Overall length is 51mm with 29mm underhang below the collet. We include a flat spanner for the arbor and a pin spanner for the closure nut. The illustrated gear cutters are NOT INCLUDED.

Included components:

  • * 51mm arbor
  • * PM 30mm steel backplate
  • * Zinc plated steel 30mm closure nut
  • * Flat spanner 14mm
  • * Pin spanner 20mm pitch

Technical specifications

  • * A Relativity™ product, compatible with many Proxxon lathes and mills.
  • * Black PM 30mm steel backplate
  • * Zinc plated 30mm closure nut
  • * Steel spanners - colour may vary

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