External Spindle Controller ESC option for Proxx-O-Matic CNC machines


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ESC takes a low-voltage signal from the Proxx-O-Matic spindle relay socket and uses that to switch a mains-powered spindle motor from the G-code M03 & M05 commands. The MF 70 CNC-ready mill spindle motor is plug-compatible with ESC. The Relativity FD 150/E CNC-ready lathe spindle motor is plug-compatible with ESC.

ESC connects to Proxx-O-Matic using the included mini-DIN8 signal cable and keeps mains voltage completely separate from the Proxx-O-Matic. It has a manual override switch and a motor fuse. ESC's yellow LED mimics the Proxx-O-Matic yellow relay LED and alerts you that motor power is active.

Relativity's ESC has been proven for ten years in the CNC mill environment, sold worldwide as an accessory for Roland DG mills. Now we make it available for Proxxon MF 70 CNC-ready mills.

Included components:

  • Control box of high-impact ABS plastic with IEC socket, plug and override switch.
  • Signal cable mini-DIN8 to Proxx-O-Matic.
  • Fuse and spare fuse.
  • Yellow LED indicator.

Technical specifications

  • Rated for 110-240v AC at 50-60Hz.
  • Suits Proxx-O-Matic equipped lathes and mills.
  • Optional cable available to suit Roland DG MDX-15/20 mills.

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